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Who can request the Golden Visa Portugal

Citizens of any non-European nationality, provided that they fulfil one or more of the following requirements:

Buy property in Portugal

The most common method to acquire Golden Visa Portugal is to buy one or more properties in the country, provided that the sum of the properties is at least 500,000 euros. The acquired properties can be used as an investment, to be rented, for example.

Buy property in Portugal in special conditions

Properties with more than 30 years of construction or located in urban rehabilitation area, which are acquired (one, or the sum of several) for at least 350,000 euros.

Open Company in Portugal

For investors who have no interest in acquiring real estate, an option is to open a company that creates at least 10 direct jobs with a contract. The good part is that in this case a minimum value is not required.

Financial application

This is undoubtedly the least accessible way to get the Golden Visa, because to be eligible you need to invest at least 1 million euros in the financial market. For those who already have a built heritage and understand the financial market, it can be feasible.

Investing in small and medium-sized enterprises

If you do not want to open your own company, but want to invest in investment funds destined for the capitalization of small and medium enterprises, you become eligible with investments from 500,000 euros.

Scientific research

The award of Golden Visa Portugal for those who invest at least 350,000 euros in scientific research is new in the program. These changes aim to bring more diversified investors to the country.

Artistic production, preservation or conservation of cultural heritage

With the new rules, who apply 250,000 euros in artistic production and preservation or conservation of cultural heritage also becomes eligible in Golden Visa Portugal.

General rules of Golden Visa Portugal

  • Any of these options above assumes a minimum period of 5 years.
  • The Golden Visa is awarded for a period of 1 year and then renewed for 2 successive periods of 2 years. After this period is attributed to Portuguese nationality.
  • Annual stay of at least 7 days in Portugal.
  • In all cases, the amount to be invested cannot be financed.


The nationalities that invest most in Portugal, that is, the most requested Golden Visa in Portugal are China (3706 were issued), Brazil (were issued 507), South Africa (were issued 234), Russia (were issued 206) and Turkey (158 Golden Visas Issued).

Why do so many people want to invest in Portugal?

In Portugal it is very easy to create a company, has an excellent infrastructure to receive start-ups, has a very good real estate market. Currently Portugal is on the high, many international companies have come here.

In addition, Portugal has a young and qualified population, ready to work, a privileged location, with three international airports with flights around the world, has international events and conferences throughout the year and has several Entrepreneurship support programs. Forbes Magazine considered Portugal the new destination to invest, and said the country is a reservoir of talents.